Youth development

Youth Development from Middle School and High School Age

  • Helping to Equip them for success with lifelong personal development skills
  • Teaching awareness of self and helping them discover how to create their own empowerment not wait on it from others
  • Help discover any negative script, false beliefs or assumptions and to rewrite the script as a lifelong practice skill
  • Guide them to design their “own” blueprint of self to build their life plan.
  • Teach how to recognize blocks and obstacles in their life that may prevent personal and professional growth
  • Help them Discover their super power (Their unique talents and gifts) and how it will support them in their dreams and aspirations for their life purpose.
  • Guide them with skills that will allow them to communicate more effectively and teach them how to be heard in a safe and healthy way.
  • Classroom assessment

Private 1 on 1 Sessions
Group Sessions
Speaking at conferences/workshops