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About Your Coach & Creative Director, Trilby Saldana

Trilby Saldana is a Space Coast native, magic maker and artistic creator as a musician, singer-songwriter, professional photographer, dancer, and writer of poetry and journalism.

As an educator and trainer for over 30 years in mentorship, ministry and coaching; her result driven leadership in support of topics of challenge for men and women and also midle school age to high school age youth development has called her to use her music, photography, writing, and dance for platforms of inspiration and healing. Her uniques perspective and coaching methods are creating a platform for real change and soul healing.

Her love and passion is abundant and visible throughout the many areas of her life.

A successful serial entrepreneur, achieving and holding several certifications throughout her journey, she has always focused on her own inner healing and light work that allows her to easily hold the space for others to speak the truth of their soul.

Her work encourages others to reach beyond a perceived place of comfort to begin a foundation for lifelong practices of self healing and beautiful transformation.

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~A message from Trilby~

"I COMBINE THE HEALING ASPECT OF THE ARTS WITH UNIQUELY DESIGNED COACHING for a self sustaining ongoing practice of self healnig. It has made the difference just from the first intensive session with my clients. Their testimonies have expressed that the first session felt so safe and open for releasing all they felt they couldn't say before. It is perspective changing and their thoughts and trauma have soothed to a degree of actually letting go and living again (for my clients dealing with trauma and loss.) This has allowed my clients to begin again and start their new true healing journey. It is a really incredible process and each client is completely different. So I am always in awe of how spirit moves in the Soul 2 Soul connection for healing."



A unique method that gives you a chance to empty out feelings abd thoughts in safe and open way including a rare opportunity to truly create your own design for your transformation images from a remarkable place of healing. Images are used to show you your healing transformation uniquely designed by you. This is an incredible opportunity for a real perspective shift.

  • 2 coaching intensives (up to 8 hours)
  • 2 Concept Images
  • Images can be Wall Art or a Photo book.

Additional Coaching hours can be added on a monthly basis or as needed. Opt in for monthly check up sessions and save or trade the hours for your next healing image-it’s up to you!




(In Studio, outside location, studio in home)

  • Family
  • Theme
  • Model
  • Children
  • Heirloom Art

Professional and Corporate

  • Headshots
  • Team
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Stock Images

Monthly Contracts for ongoing fresh content and images Starting at 250.




Fresh Start Image for Singles!

  • New images for your social media & dating sites
  • Selfie training and cell phone social media content training.
  • Phone Photography combined with professional equipment provides a level of fun a serious business for that new love to come into your life!

Link to my Pixieset photos:

Soul 2 Soul Imagery Collection

Travel Sessions (driving over 45 miles) for Photography begin at 800.

  • Travel accommodation details that require flight and overnight stays will be discussed before session date is chosen and deposit is secured.


Listening to the healing sounds of Trilby's new age piano originals will soothe the body, mind and soul. Feel your heart going on a magical healing journey as it lightens and transcends you with gentle and haunting melodies of piano, cello and violin along with other sounds from world instruments. The ethereal tones and sounds of the music will beckon you to escape into a place of peace and healing.


Links to Order Music and Albums ~Coming Soon~

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